Sunday, February 22, 2015

Hard Truths

Gossip is a struggle for me.

I think a piece of me has always grow up within this mindset that in order to fit in and have conversation, I need to have words to say about other people. Those words always seem to be negative, and this is a long-enduring issue.
The words come out negative due to my own insecurity, my disparity to appear better than another in order to fit in, and my own human brokenness. And it is something I need to work on.

The Lord stands with and beside me as my advocate.
I want to stand with and beside others as their advocate. I do not want to be the critic, instead I want to focus on the beauties of these people. I want to share in their joys and sorrows and be reliable.
I want to do this because the Lord is reliable to me.

(Once again, this is a post inspired primarily by a Darling article.  )

I love Janelle Whitaker's short list near the end of some practical applications of exemplifying love and advocacy for others. "Speak kindly of others. Support the dreams of those you love as they strive to be the best version of themselves...Invite someone to coffee and ask how you can serve them or fulfill a need they might have."

As I strive to retire my habit of gossiping about those I love, I know I need God's security.

(Sink My Feet by Jillian Edwards)

What are other practical ways I could serve rather than slander?

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