Saturday, July 4, 2015

I'm Back :-)

I have not written a post in quite a while. I keep going through phases of deciding I do not have the time to write, then bouncing back with phases during which I have an urge to write and plenty of time, yet ignore this or decide I must be a perfected writer already continue.

This blog should not be about perfection. This blog should not be about another way to attempt to portray a perfect image of myself, which covers my every flaw, and my more immature thinking, which I then present to the world.

Isn't that what we so often do? We create our ideal images on our Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter pages. (I think I may consider Pinterest an exception since it exposes what really matters to us; our dreams, our style, the words that hold meaning to us.) We try to only choose the best photographs to post, the most quippy, humorous, or meaningful words. And I think there is a logic to this. Our future employers very likely WILL look at these pages, and I for one would hope my page portrays the best of myself rather than revealing my worse moments.

I think it is okay to want to portray the best of ourselves. However, as we do this we must also admit we have flaws. I think we need to balance our desire to look beautiful, with a humble realization we were already created beautiful with our perceived imperfections.

God loves that birthmark near your left cheekbone, but you blur it out in photographs. God heard those tearful words that yes, you probably never should have posted on social media, but it is beautiful that we have hearts that cry out and attempt to reach out to others.
If we knew those viewing our pages so openly accepted our imperfections as our Heavenly Father, we would have much less to be afraid of. But this is not the reality.

I understand we are afraid to be seen as flawed. I understand we want to be beautiful (or handsome), perfect, successful - many things. But I also understand we cannot be perfect before the time comes, that mistakes can be transformative, and that flaws can be lovely.

I pray that through continuing to write God will continue to transform my perspective of others and myself from one with a tendency for judgement to one of humility and compassion, willing to see past my perception of "flaws."

That was a long explanation for my decision I have made to continue posting!

My best to you,

Erin Elizabeth Duffy

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