Saturday, August 8, 2015


I have a really lovely room-mate.

Kimberly is a positive little bubble of energy with a love for people and for service. She doesn't take herself, or anything else, too seriously. This goofy and wild nature has helped make me a more goofy and wild person myself.

Something truly amazing happened by God's hand when we were placed as room-mates. Somehow we have slowly been inheriting the best traits of one another, transforming into better balanced people ourselves. Somehow an original dislike and impatience with one another has turned into a better understanding and a friendship in which we don't have to be "best friends" to know the messy versions of ourselves and the other.

Kimberly (or Kim) is a gifted organizer, listener, smiler, skateboarder (sort of), motivator, and team member. She is also a bit of a neat freak (but thanks to her insistence, no one's room is as clean and spacious as ours), a bit emotional (I am too!), and a bit wild (to encourage risk-taking and pressing past discomforts). Her flaws, which once led me crazy levels of disdain and irritation, are now so beautiful to me because I see how they too have brought transforming power into my life.

Kim, thank you for urging me to love myself more. I miss this most about you now when I am at my house in New Hampshire without that encouragement. Thank you for encouraging me to "say yes" and participate and get out of the room and my comfort zone. Thank you for being trustworthy and for listening without judging. Thank you for being patient. Thank you for reminding me to look at the positives and the different perspectives. Thank you for rooming with me again this coming year.

I hope to not forget when during those last few weeks of finals Sophie looked at me being calm and relaxed over studying and you being in the zone and reminding us of how balanced out our original positions had become between one another.

I don't know what God has planned for us. I don't know why He so insistently placed us together again and why He enabled us to remain in Chase. But I see the work that He has already done for us, and I know it will be great.

My best to you,
Erin Elizabeth Duffy

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