Sunday, February 8, 2015


I really like lists.

If at any point, this becomes rather more of a list than a blog post, that would be the cause.

Right now, I am staring at blustering, wet snow outside the large lounge window, and wondering how safe and how wet it is out there. I am debating going to a church service I really should attend to grow community, and considering what to have for a snack beforehand (if anything).

I am thinking of authenticity.

"Whatever your reason is for starting a blog, the most important thing is to be an authentic version of yourself...Don't try and be something you're not." -Bianca Strzelczyk

I endeavor to create this blog with an intention of presenting authenticity, and chronicling the daily growth my Heavenly Father me with. Whether that be deliberating attending church or staying inside with a hot cuppa tea, or that be my beloved ones battling with lymphoma, God is presenting me each day with chances to choose to be more like Him, and I can only hope to take them.

I hope to chronicle my growth in relationships, community, style, education, faith, the meaning of family, establishing a home, taking risks, and finding beauty.

In this particular chronicle, I really need to hop off my computer and yank on some clothes to be ready to leave for church if the weather permits safe travelling.

My best to you,

Erin Elizabeth Duffy

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